Business Support Services

Business Support Services

Why are our business clients so important to us? We run a small business ourselves, and we understand that our business support services must be second to none to ensure our clients receive not just the best possible customer service, but the best possible technical support solutions for their business. If technology platforms are not working as they should, they are of no help to anyone. They same consideration has to be taken as a business owner. Computers are the gateway to the future of our businesses. The internet is the path in which new customers find us. If we let these things fall to the wayside, is the customer base that we currently support going to be enough to allow our business to thrive into the future?

In our experience NO! Which is why our business support services and packages are second to none. We understand the importance of maintaining your IT infrastructure, and want to ensure that the money invested, returns the largest life cycle for you. What does this mean to us? Sometimes we see less daily support phone calls, sometimes less repair bills owed by our clients. Sometimes it even means that our clients businesses run smoothly without interruption. Sometimes that may be considered bad for our business model, but for what we want to see of IT going forward into the future, we think this is exactly the way that it should be.

We want return business customers because they were so happy and pleased with our business support services, that they will be customers for life. We want their fellow business contacts to come to us because of the pleasant experience they have had. This is how we want to grow our business and the future of Information Technology.

So how do we make this possible?

Let me list a few variables that separate us from the rest of the IT community in our area:

  • We care about our clients
  • We support you no matter what platforms you are currently running
  • We do not try to replace everything
  • We narrow down the focal points that your business needs to focus
  • We strive to help your business grow, not just ours
  • We are honest at all times, and provide real world results to prove that
  • We stand behind everything that we state that we are going to do
  • We follow up with our customers
  • We provide a warranty on all of our work
  • We provide a one of a kind experience
  • We give you one of a kind technology tailored to your needs
  • We are in business to help our customers, just as much as we are in business to make money
  • We provide a personalized approach to every job we do
  • Here at Precision Computing, we don’t believe in boasting about the work that we offer. Instead we ask you, what do you have to lose. We will come consult with your company free of charge. If you don’t like our services we will part ways, knowing that we did everything we could to assist you.

    A few of the services we offer to our business clients, are industry leading. Why? Because we want all business to thrive. Here are a few examples:


  • Bulk on-site support rates
  • Contracts that benefit our clients
  • We beat the competitors pricing by 10% (being that full details are disclosed)
  • Same day support without up charges
  • Can you afford to not contact us?

    We can’t wait to hear from you! (813) 433-0523