Computer Virus Removal

Computer Virus Removal Experts

Precision Computing builds computers for the end user. We don’t implement ideas that will make us the most profit, rather we stretch your dollar to get the most we can out of your computer budget. Sometimes this means just simply configuring your current computer, or removing adware, or virus intrusions that may exist, optimizing your system and removing unneeded files. At Precision Computing, we are experts in computer virus removal, so we can help to extend the life of your computer.

Virus Removal

Do you own a PC but it is being sluggish, or you cannot work due to constant pop-ups with failed attempts to remove these. Don’t worry, we can handle that. We are experts in computer virus removal with a 100% success rate, and depending on the extent of how badly your system is infected, we also can backup your data and wipe the system clean, to ensure you that your computer will not remain infected. Even if you cannot access your operating system, we can still save your files, and get you up and running again. We also offer our “Best Practices” as to surfing online, and what to watch for, so as to help you maintain a healthy, virus free computer.

Precision Computing has learned the best tactics to handle all computer virus intrusions, we do not use Anti-Virus software on our office computers, and we do this to ensure our customers that you can use a computer without worrying about viruses or nasty intrusions from outside sources. This is achieved by our method of what we like to call “click sense”. Be well minded of what you are clicking on before you click. This can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Other Services

We also offer PC upgrade services, Laptop and Computer Repair, Printer and other peripheral installation, as well as consulting services. We work with Global manufacturers, beta testing new products before they are released and reviewing products, which gives us an edge over other companies. We are proud to service the Tampa Bay area including, Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Brandon, New Port Richey, Oldsmar, Hudson, Holiday, Tarpon Springs, as well as Hernando counties and all along Florida’s Suncoast. If you do not see your location listed, just give us a call, or email us and we will find you the best solution.