EK L Shaped Bracket

EK Introduces L-Shaped Brackets

EK Introduces L-Shaped Brackets for FLT Series Reservoirs and Combo Units

Dear Media Partner,

EK®, the premium water cooling gear manufacturer based in the EU, is introducing new L-shaped brackets for all current FLT series products.

EK-Loop Angled Bracket – 120mm

The new EK-Loop Angled Bracket – 120mm can be mounted to any 120mm (105mm hole spacing) fan mounting holes. The bracket allows you to mount the FLT series products to your case, fans, or radiators in a perpendicular alignment. Additionally, you can use the long or the short side of your FLT product for additional mounting options.

This bracket also allows offsetting the product by about 10cm with the rail system it uses, because the screws are not in a fixed location. This bracket is not limited to FLT series products, even though it was engineered for it. With a bit of imagination, you can also use it for mounting radiators or any products with 120mm fan mounts.

Availability and Pricing

The EK-Loop Angled Bracket – 120mm Reservoir Bracket is made in Slovenia, Europe, and it is available for order through EK Webshop or EK Partner Reseller Network. In the table below you can see the manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP).

For more information, please refer to our Official Press Release.

Link to images and product photos: Download Images.

EK predicted MSRP prices including VAT:

EAN Code Name End-user Price in EUR
3831109825365 EK-Loop Angled Bracket – 120mm 22,90