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EK-Quantum Impulse 120mm D-RGB Impulse Fans

Wave of Excitation Hits EK Quantum Lineup With New Impulse Fans

EK®, the premium liquid cooling solutions manufacturer, is introducing brand-new magnetic levitation fans, the EK-Quantum Impulse 120 D-RGB. These premium Impulse fans feature EK’s most abundant RGB implementation to date, with two LED-lit zones in the frame carrying 12 LEDs each, with another inside the rotor. These fans offer an optimized and balanced performance-to-noise ratio on the wide fan operational range.

MagLev Fans

EK-Quantum Impulse fans have the VAPO™ bearing and Magnetic Levitation motor.

EK-Quantum Impulse 120mm D-RGB

EK-Quantum Impulse are 120mm PC radiator and case fans optimized for rich and lush D-RGB effects while maintaining very silent operation across their entire operational range. There is one LED-lit zone around the frame on both sides of the fan, so no matter which fan orientation you require, you’ll get the rich illumination of the addressable RGB diffused through a milky white cover. The rotor is also illuminated by its own D-RGB strip for stylish aesthetics while spinning.

These fans use VAPO bearing, designed to virtually eliminate wobbling, so it stays incredibly stable in all applications. VAPO bearing adds a magnetic effect (magnetic levitation) to the bearing to reduce noise and increase shaft stability. Unlike the traditional ball-bearing fans that get noisier with time, VAPO bearings are dust-resistant and don’t dry out. The operating range for these fans is from 400-1800 RPM.
As with FPT fans, Impulse fans also allow daisy-chaining, ultimately reducing cable clutter and easing cable routing through the EK-OmniLink, an 8-pin Micro-Fit connector ecosystem. All the signal and power wiring for the PWM and D-RGB runs on a single cable and connector, which then utilizes another single cable to connect to the source.

Thick rubber corners can be found on both sides of the fan to reduce vibration transfer to the rest of the PC. The fan itself is 26mm thick, with rubber corners protruding 1.5mm on each side for a total of 29mm in depth, bearing in mind that these rubber corners will squish down as you tighten the screws. Unlike fans with circular or incomplete frames, this fan’s square frame reduces side air leakage.

Most importantly, the EK-OmniLink ecosystem doesn’t require any special controllers since the connection ends in the standard motherboard connectors – a 4-pin PWM for the fan power and a 3-pin 5V D-RGB for the connectors.


EK-OmniLink solution allows daisy chaining of multiple fans, reducing cable clutter and greatly easing cable management. The Omni-Link interconnect ecosystem will be significantly expanded in the near future for additional benefits. It uses Micro-Fit 8-pin connectors between products, but standard 4-pin for PWM and 3-pin for 5V addressable RGB at the end of the daisy chain.

The EK-OmniLink design resolves the cable clutter by unifying the connection of multiple fans to a single PWM and D-RGB header while maintaining complete flexibility when removing a fan from the chain. Other similar solutions on the market use interlocking mechanisms, which require the removal of an entire fan link when you need more room to tighten a fitting on a radiator.

3-Zone LED Illumination on EK-Quantum Impulse 120 PC Fan

One of the main features the new EK-Quantum Impulse 120 fan offers is its simplicity. It utilizes the standard 3-pin 5V D-RGB connection, meaning you can use it with any standard 3-pin 5V addressable RGB controller or any of the popular RGB sync technologies from all major motherboard manufacturers.

The arrow marking on the 3-pin LED connector should be aligned with the +5V marking on the D-RGB (ARGB) header.

EK-Quantum Impulse 120 D-RGB Key Features

  • Three Premium LED-Lit Zones
    Unlike other EK fans, which have LEDs exclusively in the rotor, Impulse fans have additional LEDs on both sides of the frame.
  • MagLev and VAPO Bearing
    The VAPO bearing adds a magnetic effect (magnetic levitation) to the bearing to reduce noise and increase shaft stability.
  • Square Frame for Airflow Focusing
    The practical square shape of the fan frame provides optimal performance in either the pull or push regime without hydraulic losses, which ensures the optimal cooling capacity of your liquid cooling radiators.
  • Standard D-RGB Connectors
    The EK-Quantum Impulse 120 fan’s D-RGB lighting does not require any fancy or expensive additional controller for you to enjoy vibrant light effects. A simple 3-pin 5V addressable D-RGB connection for standard controllers or any popular D-RGB (ARGB) sync technology from major motherboard manufacturers is all you need.
  • OmniLink
    The ability to daisy chain fan power, D-RGB, and even pump power across a single cable gives you the ultimate flexibility while reducing cable clutter. All the cables are flat ribbon style with no additional sleeving for an even better cable routing experience.

Availability and Pricing

The EK-Quantum Impulse 120 D-RGB – Black fans are readily available through the EK Webshop.

For more information, please refer to our Official Press Release.

Link to images and product photos: Download Images.

The table below shows the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).

EK predicted MSRP prices including VAT:

EAN Code Name EUR Price
3831109854198 EK-Quantum Impulse 120 D-RGB – Black (400-1800 rpm) 25.90


Ek upgrade LGA1700

EK Free LGA1700 Upgrade Kits

EK Free LGA1700 Upgrade Kits for EK-Quantum Velocity Water Blocks



After the recent release of our EK-Quantum Velocity² water blocks that are specifically engineered for the new LGA 1700 CPU socket and Intel® Alder Lake processors, we are also happy to announce that the original Velocity water block is also able to support this new platform. The cold plate is large enough to accommodate the larger CPU IHS found on LGA 1700 CPUs and the only required part is the LGA 1700 compatible backplate.
The backplate is available in the EK webshop, free of charge, and it will also be available free of charge at major partnering retailers like Performance PCs, Titan Rig and Caseking to reduce shipping costs for the end customer.
The EK-Quantum Velocity Backplate – LGA1700 is limited to one piece per order, but if any customer requires this upgrade kit for multiple PCs, please reach out directly to our customer support team.
The mounting hole pattern on LGA 1700 socket-based motherboards is 78 x 78 mm, but some motherboards are equipped with dual mounting holes, supporting also a 75 x 75 mm pattern, meaning that all LGA 115x and LGA 1200 cooling solutions are compatible.
The compatibility list for the EK-Quantum Velocity Backplate – LGA1700 goes as:

  • EK-Quantum Velocity – Copper + Plexi
  • EK-Quantum Velocity – Nickel + Plexi
  • EK-Quantum Velocity – Nickel + Acetal
  • EK-Quantum Velocity D-RGB – Nickel + Plexi
  • EK-Quantum Velocity D-RGB – Nickel + Acetal
  • EK-Quantum Velocity D-RGB – Nickel + Frosted Plexi
  • EK-Quantum Velocity D-RGB – Full Nickel
  • EK-Quantum Velocity Strike D-RGB – Black Nickel + Black
  • EK-Quantum Velocity Strike D-RGB – Matte Black + Silver
  • EK-Quantum Velocity Honor D-RGB – Black Nickel + Stars & Stripes
  • EK-Quantum Velocity Honor D-RGB – AMD Black Nickel + Stars & Stripes
  • EK-Classic CPU Water Block 115x/20xx D-RGB

Availability and Pricing

The free LGA 1700 backplate is a limited period offer and will expire on May the 1st, 2022 after which the backplate will be sold as a regular water block spare part at a symbolic retail price. The stock of free LGA 1700 backplates that can be ordered at reseller partners is also limited.

EK-Quantum Velocity Backplate – LGA1700 is available free of charge through the EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Network.

Link to product photos: Download Images.

Click here for the official  Press Release.

EK-Loop Vertical GPU Holder

EK-Loop Vertical GPU Holder

EK Releases a Patent-Pending Vertical GPU Mounting Bracket

EK®, the leading computer cooling solutions provider, is introducing a very special vertical GPU mounting bracket. The EK-Loop Vertical GPU Holder stands out for the way it uses two ATX motherboard mounting points to additionally secure the graphics card. This unique holder is not just implementing patent-pending technologies, but also thicker materials than other similar solutions available on the market.
EK-Loop Vertical GPU Holder

Displaying your liquid-cooled graphics card or even the standard massive air cooler is something that has become more and more popular over the years. One way to do this is to use the special aftermarket brackets that allow mounting the GPU vertically if the case is not already equipped with vertical PCIe slots. However, the user is often facing issues with how these solutions work since they don’t offer enough support, allowing the GPU to move around. Things can be even more challenging when dealing with liquid cooling and installing fittings and tubing to a vertically placed GPU, not to mention trying to ship a PC with a vertically mounted GPU.

Fortunately, EK has come up with a unique, patent-pending approach that eliminates all of these problems that can be potentially fatal for expensive hardware. The EK-Loop Vertical GPU Holder allows the graphics card to be vertically mounted in any ATX PC case that has an open-style rear PCIe I/O slot layout. The vertical GPU mount is made of 1.5mm thick, black-coated steel to provide excellent structural rigidity. Additionally, it uses two motherboard screw standoffs to get two additional points of contact and stability, ensuring no sagging and no horizontal movement of the GPU. Before the bracket is installed at the ATX mounting points, two plastic standoffs are placed to protect the motherboard and also to allow the bracket to be installed even onto motherboards that have intricate and complex aesthetical covers.

The premium-quality gen 3.0 PCI-E riser cable is 200mm long, allowing for plenty of leeways when the GPU is being mounted.

EK-Loop Vertical GPU Holder can be mounted on cases with open PCI-E expansion slot design, with a minimum of 6 free slots. The GPU has to be either a 1- or 2-slot design in terms of the I/O shield. The height of the GPU cooler is irrelevant to the bracket compatibility.

EK will also be releasing a second version of the vertical GPU bracket that will be compatible with cases that do not have an open rear PCIe I/O slot layout. Up until this point, the cases that have horizontal bars between PCI-E expansion slots required modding and cutting to be able to fit a vertical GPU bracket. The product that solves this problem is the EK-Loop Vertical GPU Holder – Shifted, which indicates that the entire bracket is moved forward to allow additional space for the display cable to be plugged in. Each Shifted version will be delivered with a special angled 1.8-meter long Display Port cable that is DP 1.4 compatible.

Availability and Pricing

The EK-Loop Vertical GPU Holder is made in Slovenia, Europe, and is available for order through the EK Webshop or EK Partner Reseller Network. In the table below you can see the manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP).

For more information, please refer to our Official Press Release.

Link to images and product photos: Download Images.

EK-Predicted MSRP Prices, VAT Included

EAN Code Name EUR End-User Price
3831109827550 EK-Loop Vertical GPU Holder 64,90


EK L Shaped Bracket

EK Introduces L-Shaped Brackets

EK Introduces L-Shaped Brackets for FLT Series Reservoirs and Combo Units

Dear Media Partner,

EK®, the premium water cooling gear manufacturer based in the EU, is introducing new L-shaped brackets for all current FLT series products.

EK-Loop Angled Bracket – 120mm

The new EK-Loop Angled Bracket – 120mm can be mounted to any 120mm (105mm hole spacing) fan mounting holes. The bracket allows you to mount the FLT series products to your case, fans, or radiators in a perpendicular alignment. Additionally, you can use the long or the short side of your FLT product for additional mounting options.

This bracket also allows offsetting the product by about 10cm with the rail system it uses, because the screws are not in a fixed location. This bracket is not limited to FLT series products, even though it was engineered for it. With a bit of imagination, you can also use it for mounting radiators or any products with 120mm fan mounts.

Availability and Pricing

The EK-Loop Angled Bracket – 120mm Reservoir Bracket is made in Slovenia, Europe, and it is available for order through EK Webshop or EK Partner Reseller Network. In the table below you can see the manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP).

For more information, please refer to our Official Press Release.

Link to images and product photos: Download Images.

EK predicted MSRP prices including VAT:

EAN Code Name End-user Price in EUR
3831109825365 EK-Loop Angled Bracket – 120mm 22,90


Dell UltraSharp UP3017Q

Dell releases the Dell UltraSharp UP3017Q world’s first 30-inch 4K 120Hz 0.1ms OLED Monitor


No, that wasn’t a typo. We were first introduced to the Dell UltraSharp UP3017Q back at CES 2016, where Dell was showing off their very first monitor to utilize an OLED panel (Organic Light Emitting Diode). The Dell UltraSharp UP3017Q offers a 120Hz 30-inch OLED panel sporting a ‘4K’ UHD resolution of 3840×2160 – offering an impressive pixel density of 146.86 PPI, and a breathtaking response time of just 0.1 milliseconds. The monitor can reproduce 1.07 billion colours (hence the 10-bit panel) with support for a colour gamut of 100% Adobe RGB and 97.8% DCI-P3 and has a 400,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, although the manufacture confesses that the value is only that because the testing equipment won’t go any higher. As far as inputs go, the monitor is fitted with a USB Type-C connector, HDMI 2.0 and mDP 1.2 ports.

But all of this seems too good to be true, that is until you take a look at the price tag: Coming in at a whopping $4,999 USD, the Dell UltraSharp UP3017Q display is aimed at serious content creators and professionals who work in colour-critical environments. But of course, like any shiny new tech, I expect the price to fall once competition kicks in and we begin to see more affordable alternatives, although that might not be in another 1-2 years.

– Overview by: Josh Borg

Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV ITX Micro Tower


Since the release of the original Enthoo chassis, Phanteks have really lead the chassis design pack with their smart, stylish, and budget friendly cases. Today Phanteks are welcoming their latest and smallest case to the family in the form of the Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV ITX Micro Tower Chassis.



Enthoo Evolv ITX includes 1 x 200mm fan in front. Ability to upgrade to additional fans is possible.


-Metal exterior
-Clean and Compact design
-Clean interior


– Optimal airflow – Direct airflow to CPU / GPU
– Comes with 1x PH-F200SP in front (200mm)
– Reservoir mounting points on the Side Bracket
– Pump Bracket with vibration dampers – Mounted on Side Bracket/ HDD base
– Offset radiator brackets


– 1x Drop-N-Lock SSD brackets included
– Equipped with Phanteks’ velcro cable ties
– 28mm cable management space
– Additional cable compartment in bottom


The Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV ITX Micro Tower Chassis will be available starting this month with a $79.99 US price tag. A full list of specs and photos can be found on the Enthoo EVOLV ITX product page.

Thermaltake Riing 120mm and 140mm LED Radiator Fan Series

Earlier this month Thermaltake revealed their new range of liquid cooling radiators, so the introduction of the new Thermaltake Riing series of fans designed specifically for radiators seems only logical. Available in both 120mm and 140mm sizes, the Thermaltake Riing fans have a very “Tron” look to them, but also have the cooling potential to be a good addition to any chassis or water cooling system.


Concentrated Compression Blade-

Custom designed for high-static pressure requirements of demanding applications such as radiators, the Concentrated Compression Blade (CCB) is engineered to focus the inner weaker circle of air outwards, allowing the outer section to pressurize and compress the air.

Wind Blocker Frame-

To achieve maximum static pressure in all applications, the wind blocker frame is designed to work with the Concentrated Compression Blade’s (CCB) pressure mechanism by directing airflow towards the middle section of the blade, thereby creating a compression effect and blocking any pressure from escaping. This reduces the blade’s noise and vibration, creating a perfect balance between power and sound.

Hydraulic Bearing with Low-Noise Design-

The hydraulic bearing self-lubricates with a high quality, friction-reducing substance which lowers operating noise and improves efficiency. The seal cap prevents leakage of the lubricant, and improves the lifespan of the unit. The LNC (Low-Noise Cable) can reduce the noise level by 24% from 24.6dBA to 18.7dBA.

Anti-vibration Mounting System-

In-mold injection anti-vibration rubber pads provide hassle-free usage for 80% protection coverage, including all four corners. The LED lighting effect is visible from all sides and angles.

Four colors of the Patented LED Versions Available-

Riing 12 LED Series is also available with different LED versions (red, blue, green, and white), adding cooling aesthetics to the chassis.


The full line up of Thermaltake Riing Radiator fans should be available any day now via Newegg with more distributors to follow. For more information and full specs checkout the Riings product page-

Jen-Hsun NVIDIA CEO on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970

On February 24th, 2015, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun posted the blog post that can be found below regarding the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4GB memory topic that has been a big news source lately in the community. He explained that they NVIDIA wanted to create the best GPU for their customers: “Our only intention was to create the best GPU for you. We wanted GTX 970 to have 4GB of memory, as games are using more memory than ever.”

Hopefully this will clear up the issue for consumers and allow users to enjoy the great capability of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, at it’s very appealing price point.

Hey everyone,

Some of you are disappointed that we didn’t clearly describe the segmented memory of GeForce GTX 970 when we launched it. I can see why, so let me address it.

We invented a new memory architecture in Maxwell. This new capability was created so that reduced-configurations of Maxwell can have a larger framebuffer – i.e., so that GTX 970 is not limited to 3GB, and can have an additional 1GB.

GTX 970 is a 4GB card. However, the upper 512MB of the additional 1GB is segmented and has reduced bandwidth. This is a good design because we were able to add an additional 1GB for GTX 970 and our software engineers can keep less frequently used data in the 512MB segment.

Unfortunately, we failed to communicate this internally to our marketing team, and externally to reviewers at launch.

Since then, Jonah Alben, our senior vice president of hardware engineering, provided a technical description of the design, which was captured well by several editors. Here’s one example from The Tech Report.

Instead of being excited that we invented a way to increase memory of the GTX 970 from 3GB to 4GB, some were disappointed that we didn’t better describe the segmented nature of the architecture for that last 1GB of memory.

This is understandable. But, let me be clear: Our only intention was to create the best GPU for you. We wanted GTX 970 to have 4GB of memory, as games are using more memory than ever.

The 4GB of memory on GTX 970 is used and useful to achieve the performance you are enjoying. And as ever, our engineers will continue to enhance game performance that you can regularly download using GeForce Experience.

This new feature of Maxwell should have been clearly detailed from the beginning.

We won’t let this happen again. We’ll do a better job next time.


This blog post can be found on NVIDIA’s blog here.

The ‘King is Back’ Evga GTX 980 K|NGP|N Edition

Kingpin, also known as K|NGP|N, better known as Vince Lucido, is a name synonymous with extreme overclocking and cooling. Vince started overclocking, about 12 years ago in 2003, as a way to play the latest games on his existing hardware. But as he progressed, gaming soon took a sideline to what was quickly becoming a passion, overclocking. The Detroit local started accumulating a number of overclocking world records across various categories; CPU, GPU and multi GPU categories.  Needless to say it wasn’t long before overclocking friendly companies stopped to take notice of Vince’s talents. Evga invited Vince to join their team in Taiwan, and assist the company in producing a line of products that would bear the name that had become synonymous with overclocking, Kingpin, beginning with the GTX 780TI Kingpin Edition.

Respecting the results of the first launched Kingpin edition card, brings us to the launch of Kingpins’ second signature edition GPU from EVGA, the ‘EVGA GeForce GTX 980 K|NGP|N edition. So far, the clock speeds and memory frequencies are yet to be determined, however what we do know is that the card will feature a 14+3 phase power design, powered by 2 – 8pin + 1 – 6 pin pci-e connectors, and will have a digitally controlled VRM which can deliver up to 600A of current!

Evga GTX 980 K|NGP|N Edition w/ ACX 2.0

Click to Pre-Order Now

The card is kept cool by a meaty ACX 2.0 cooling system which is neatly concealed below a metal cooling shroud. EVGA has also fine-tuned the cooling performance, making it possible for the GTX 980 K|NGP|N edition to run purely on passive cooling when below 60 degrees Celsius, allowing for a totally silent experience.

EVGA has also equipped the GTX 980 K|NGP|N edition graphics card with an aesthetically appealing set of memory and mosfets cooling plates (Mmcp+). Not only does the Mmcp+ help to disperse excess heat, but being as its two separate plates, the GPU can be cooled individually (say via a LN2 Pot), while still being able to cool the mosfets.

Another excellent feature of the GTX 980 K|NGP|N edition is the capability to use a single slot PCI-E bracket (Included). This will make single slot watercooling, extremely simple, especially being that the card comes standard with a supportive LED backlit back plate.

Another nice aesthetic touch is that all the LED lights on both the shroud, as well as under the back plate are RGB, allowing the user to change the LED colors to match any system via EVGA’s Precision X software.

No K|NGP|N signature product would be complete without some nice overclocking features.  The GTX 980 K|NGP|N edition has on board thermal sensors, for accurate real time temperature monitoring and a triple bios, including both normal and OC modes as well as the ever popular LN2 mode.


The EVGA GeForce GTX 980 K|NGP|N edition has been developed by the best of the best, not only to be a high end gaming card, but also to provide the overclocking enthusiast an edge when it comes to laying down some heavy duty benchmark scores, in a multitude of cooling situations.

EVGA is offering the GeForce GTX 980 K|NGP|N edition exclusively to existing EVGA product owners starting February 1st 2015 at a cost of $749.99.

For more in depth look at the card and Pre-Order registration visit EVGA’s page below –

Evga Pre-Order page

ASOS Republic of Gamers OC Showdown 2015

ASUS ROG OC Showdown 2015

Exciting news for the overclocking community, ASUS announced their ASUS ROG OC Showdown 2015 overclocking competition. The competition will be made up of two series consisting of three rounds each, supporting both the Pro overclocker “Extreme Series” (Sub Zero Cooling) and for the Enthusiast clocker the “Formula Series” (Air & Water Cooling).

ASOS Republic of Gamers OC Showdown 2015

Asus has commented on the 2015 OC Showdown saying: “The aim of OC Showdown 2015 is to engage and support the entire OC community; whether you’re the very top of the game or just enthusiastic about joining in for some benchmarking fun.”

Round One of the Extreme Series starts Jan 30th and ends on March 2nd, this series is open to subzero cooling and is suitable for HWBot Elite and Extreme league users. This series will have no restrictions on cooling equipment used, anything goes from stock cooling, to LN2 and Dry ICE.

Meanwhile Round One of the Formula Series will start on March 6th running through April 6th, and is open to air and water cooling overclockers. This category has been limited to temperatures above 20ºC and is suitable for HWBot Rookie, Novice and Enthusiast league users.

With Round one alone worth $8500 USD in combined prizes, Asus and its partners have definitely started the OC Showdown off with a bang. A winner will be announced at the end of each individual round, with two series champions chosen based on overall points accumulated across all three rounds of each series.

Asus along with have been joined by some big names to make the 2015 OC Showdown happen.

The extreme series partners include:
Asus, ROG (republic of gamers), Intel, G.Skill, Enermax and der8auer Extreme Cooling Components (8ECC).

The Formula series of the competition will feature sponsors including:
Asus, Intel, HyperX® and Enermax.

Most overclockers need little to no excuse to overclock, but with some great prizes and a full season of bragging rights at stake, now is definitely the time to pull out the benching gear and raise the bar on your overclocking skills.

For a full list of rules, prizes and entry information visit the Asus OC Showdown 2015 homepage:
ASUS Republic of Gamers OC Showdown 2015