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Lucid PC Mods is a division of Precision Computing.


Lucid PC Mods – Mod of the month

Lucid PC Mods is a division of Precision Computing. Each month we will be featuring a mod from the entire modding community. At the end of each year, each mod will have the opportunity to be in our yearly PC Mods drawing to win a prize. Each Mod of the month will have an equal chance to win, as the drawing will be random.


LUCID PC Mods a division of Precision Computing

Included in these posts will be full credit to the creator of the mod, not limited to but including:

  • Links to their website
  • Links to any social media
  • Contact info for the mod creator


In an effort to showcase beautiful PC Mods, and help artists have their Mods showcased, we are providing this opportunity. LUCID PC Mods Mod of the month is accepting new featured entries.

To have the opportunity to have your mod showcased please send an email to [email protected], and enter the subject “LUCID PC Mods Mod of the Month”.

We look forward to showcasing amazing PC case mods from around the world!

Thank you,

LUCID PC Mods – a Division of Precision Computing