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ASOS Republic of Gamers OC Showdown 2015

ASUS ROG OC Showdown 2015

Exciting news for the overclocking community, ASUS announced their ASUS ROG OC Showdown 2015 overclocking competition. The competition will be made up of two series consisting of three rounds each, supporting both the Pro overclocker “Extreme Series” (Sub Zero Cooling) and for the Enthusiast clocker the “Formula Series” (Air & Water Cooling).

ASOS Republic of Gamers OC Showdown 2015

Asus has commented on the 2015 OC Showdown saying: “The aim of OC Showdown 2015 is to engage and support the entire OC community; whether you’re the very top of the game or just enthusiastic about joining in for some benchmarking fun.”

Round One of the Extreme Series starts Jan 30th and ends on March 2nd, this series is open to subzero cooling and is suitable for HWBot Elite and Extreme league users. This series will have no restrictions on cooling equipment used, anything goes from stock cooling, to LN2 and Dry ICE.

Meanwhile Round One of the Formula Series will start on March 6th running through April 6th, and is open to air and water cooling overclockers. This category has been limited to temperatures above 20ºC and is suitable for HWBot Rookie, Novice and Enthusiast league users.

With Round one alone worth $8500 USD in combined prizes, Asus and its partners have definitely started the OC Showdown off with a bang. A winner will be announced at the end of each individual round, with two series champions chosen based on overall points accumulated across all three rounds of each series.

Asus along with have been joined by some big names to make the 2015 OC Showdown happen.

The extreme series partners include:
Asus, ROG (republic of gamers), Intel, G.Skill, Enermax and der8auer Extreme Cooling Components (8ECC).

The Formula series of the competition will feature sponsors including:
Asus, Intel, HyperX® and Enermax.

Most overclockers need little to no excuse to overclock, but with some great prizes and a full season of bragging rights at stake, now is definitely the time to pull out the benching gear and raise the bar on your overclocking skills.

For a full list of rules, prizes and entry information visit the Asus OC Showdown 2015 homepage:
ASUS Republic of Gamers OC Showdown 2015