Acrylic Strip Heater Tutorial

Acrylic Strip Heater Tutorial

The acrylic strip heater is useful in many ways. Not just for computer modification, but really to bend or shape any types of acrylic or plastic. This is a tool that has a heating element, centered in a channel, that when the acrylic is placed over the heating element, it begins to soften and allow syou to flex the acrylic into any shape you desire. This tool will be very useful to me when creating acrylic power supply shrouds, as well as any other acrylic work that I need to accomplish during computer modding.

I have a video embedded in the page for you that not only gives you an idea of what the acrylic strip heater looks like but also how to use the acrylic strip heater. I am sure that there are many of these available to purchase, but I will provide you with a link to the one that I am using in the video. If you would like to purchase your own, you can do so from here: Delvie’s Plastics I am not affiliated in any way with Delvie’s Plastics, it is just who I use when I need to purchase things, and they are great to work with.

Please either watch the video below, or click and you will be redirected to YouTube in which you can watch the video there. I actually give you a demonstration on using the acrylic strip heater in the video on different types of acrylics. All in all this strip heater is a great price, and really works as intended. I am super happy with adding this tool to my inventory, and will use this many times in the coming years for all of my acrylic bending needs.

In this video we show you how to bend acrylic using an acrylic strip heater.