Our Founder Marc Molella

Our Founder Marc Molella

When choosing a business to support and maintain your business, services, or just your personal computer, ask yourself; “What credentials should I expect a company to have?” In answer to that question, many companies have certifications, degrees and other forms of identification that they can purchase through many online forms. But do any of those places have recognition from online sources, or Industry Leaders to prove their worth in their industry?

Precision Computing’s CEO and Founder Marc Molella has been featured by many Industry leaders and credible news sources for his work in these fields. Two of his motto’s are “If I can’t fix it, it can’t be fixed.” and “We build the best.” This has been proved to be true. Please view some of the links below to see the sources that have accredited our CEO and Founder Marc Molella for his accomplishments. The next time you need to search for professional assistance with any of your technology needs for your business or personal use, including computers, networks, websites, and search engine optimization, look no further then Precision Computing.

NVIDIA is the world leader in visual computing. Marc was featured here by Nvidia:

Nvidia Home Page

Project Envy
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Everyone knows who Intel is, they can be found here and have featured Marc in a video series as well as article features:

Intel Overview

Intel IDF 2015 (featured at 5 minutes)

Intel’s Facebook

Intel’s Instagram

If that wasn’t enough to get your attention he has also been featured by many other global companies and leaders, and news media sources around the globe including but not limited to:

IQ by Intel




Fractal Design

Cooler Master

Twice featured on the cover of CPU Magazine in the Mad Reader Mod:
CPU Magazine

CPU Magazine

PC Gamer

PC Gamer